Our Story

About Goodwinds LLC
LeeGoodwinds was established in 1990 as a distributor and retailer of carbon, fiberglass and small parts originally for the kiting market and the company soon became a source for composite materials, supplies and parts needed by broader industrial markets as well as retailers such as hobby shops. The business grew dramatically after the introduction in 1995 of our Ultimate Guide to Kite Making Parts and Supplies which became the standard reference in most kite stores for many years and won the 1996 KTAI award for best catalog. The next milestone was the establishment of our company website, www.goodwinds.com in 2003 which further built Goodwinds’ business to provide composite products to a wider cross section of American and worldwide industries, retailers and end users. The website is designed for easy navigation with an uncluttered, business-like approach to presenting our products in a straight forward manner that allows efficient choice and checkout without the visual or content distractions found on most other e-commerce sites.In 2008, Goodwinds LLC became independent and moved from Seattle to a larger facility in Mount Vernon, a beautiful small town about 50 miles north just off Interstate 5 and near the San Juan Islands. Just six months later, another move was made to yet a larger facility nearby that was chosen to maximize operational efficiency and handle our greatly expanded inventory of carbon and fiberglass products which are now purchased factory-direct for optimal pricing and supply chain management.

At Goodwinds we strive to fill your orders as quickly and as perfectly as possible. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and product offering and we welcome all feedback that will help increase our responsiveness to your needs.

Leland Holeman, president