Avia Composites is the creator of Graphlite® micro carbon rod and G-FORCE tapered and non-tapered tubes.  Goodwinds also sources pultruded carbon and glass fiber rods and tubes, custom pultruded profiles, and assembly components for aerospace, sporting goods, and composite fabrication.

What is Graphlite®? A unique, continuous rigid rod, densely reinforced with highly oriented
carbon fiber in a cured epoxy resin. No fillers or internal / external release agents are use,
resulting in excellent adhesion. Unmatched tensile and compression strengths. Available cut
to length or coiled.

Current Applications:
Infrastructure Reinforcement
Industrial Composite Parts
Sporting Goods
Spring Stock
Stand Alone Structural Member
Scale models
Manufacturing that Benefits from Graphlite®
Vacuum Bagging
Compression Molding
Hand Lay-up

How Graphlite® is Best Put to Use:
Replaces multiple layers of unidirectional prepreg while improving fiber alignment.
Remains straight when embedded in woven or braided preforms.
Conforms to compound contours without fiber wrinkling.
Maintains fiber alignment during compaction between layers of prepreg.
Eliminates any question of wrinkling in unidirectional materials.
Through ply or “Z” direction reinforcement

GRAPHLITE® Micro Carbon Rod
Minimum Properties: Standard Modulus Intermediate Modulus
Tensile Strength 320 ksi / 2.34 GPa 400 ksi / 3.10 GPa
Tensile Modulus 19.5 msi / 134 GPa 24.5 msi / 169 GPa
Compressive Strength 270 ksi / 1.90 GPa 340 ksi / 2.65 GPa
Compressive Modulus 19.0 msi / 131 GPa 24.0 msi / 165 GPa
Fiber Volume 67% 67%
Ultimate Tensile Strain 1.30% 1.40%
Diameter Tolerance +/- 5% +/- 5%
Glass Transition Temperature 100º C 100º C
Matrix Material Bis F Epoxy Bis F Epoxy

Standard sizes range from 0.020 inch to 0.164 inches in 0.010 inch increments

Stock Profiles – Goodwinds Carbon and Fiberglass Rods and Tubes

Precise carbon rods and tubes are pultruded from .125″ to .750″ in diameter.
They have close tolerances, and are very strong and stiff, with an attractive finish.
Excellent for sporting goods and lightweight structures.
Stocked tubes are cut to length for immediate shipping.
The fiberglass products have equally precise tolerances and are stocked in black and white.
The fiberglass profiles provide an economical alternative to carbon for less demanding applications